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Bee folk gives you the choice of ordering one of our DIY fabric kits with a range of sizes and attractive prints in organic cotton or natural hemp. Or simply order one or more of our bars to make your own unique wraps in whatever size and shape you need in your kitchen, using whatever colours and prints best reflect your own individual style. You can go to your favourite fabric shop and see what they have in their remnants box - or any specials that catch your eye. Check out your nearest op-shop for a bargain item that can be repurposed to make a set of beeswax wraps. And if you or any of your friends are into dressmaking, quilting or any other sewing craft, then you will have an abundant supply of free offcuts perfect for making wax wraps for yourself and presents for friends and family.

What Fabrics to Use
Natural colourfast fabrics are always the best choice. 100% poplin cotton, lightweight quilting fabric, fine hemp or hemp/cotton blend will give the best results. If you are not sure your fabric is colourfast, cut a little test strip to dip into your molten wax and check that it doesn’t run. Avoid thick loose woven materials - linens and tea towel material will absorb too much wax. Synthetic blends are not suitable as they do not absorb the wax blend.

Trimming and Shaping Your Fabrics
You can use dressmaking scissors – or you can use pinking shears to create a decorative edge and which will help reduce any fraying. You can cut your fabric into any shape, square, rectangular, hexagonal, round or oval – or any other shape that matches your trays or platters or the way you want to use your wraps. Maybe an even extra long rectangle to wrap around your baguette!