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Our Story

AHANA is a mother and daughter co-creation; born from a shared love and reverence of the alchemy of beeswax and flame. AHANA translates to ‘Inner Light’ and reflects the simple yet ancient ritual of lighting a candle and the devotion to spirit and self that it ignites deep within us. 
Our desire is to create beautiful and pure luxury candles that evoke a feeling of sacredness and divinity in both hearth and body. Beeswax is a precious gift from nature and when burned in its purest form, beeswax aids in cleansing the air, offers a calming warm glow and burns for longer. 
Our earth is our only home and we are committed to her preservation; all of our candles are made with locally sourced pure beeswax and are packaged with care for our  planet. 
Our candles are lovingly hand poured in the Northern Rivers, on Bundjalung land, infused with the beauty and magic of the valleys and forests that we are blessed to be surrounded by. May we all ignite our light from within.
Marianni & Valentina