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There are four natural ingredients in our beeswax bar blend, raw beeswax, pine resin, coconut oil and jojoba oil which ensure your wraps will have the necessary pliability, clinginess, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

01. Beeswax
It takes well over a million bee visits to flowers to produce the wax needed for each bee folk bar! We are so grateful to bees for their precious gift and that is why we source our wax from local beekeepers who care for their bees, using the highest standards of ethical practice.

02. Pine Resin
Pine resin is in the ingredient that gives the wraps the tackiness needed to cling to bowls and wrap tight around your fruit and vegetables. The pine resin we use is a natural product harvested from the species Pinus Merkusii. This type of resin is also known as ‘gum rosin’ and is, in fact, a traditional ingredient for many well-known products - such as chewing gum, food and medicinal additives, environmentally friendly surfboard wax, for dusting ballet shoes and violin strings. So it is generally considered non-hazardous and does not require any special labelling. It is a sustainably produced natural product tapped from the pine trees in the same way as maple syrup - and does not require cutting down the tree.

If you see any online chats questioning the safety of pine resin, these may result from confusing gum rosin with the use of other certain industrial products which are also called resins. If you don’t have any high degree of sensitivity to common products such as soaps, detergents, cosmetic etc, then you should have no problem with using our bee folk blend. But if you have any concerns, first rub a small amount on your wrist to see if there is any sign of reaction before you use our bee folk bar.

03. Coconut Oil
Our bee folk blend contains organic coconut oil to ensure the pliability of your wraps without any cracking.

04. Jojoba Oil
We add Australian grown, sustainably sourced and chemically free jojoba oil, a skin-friendly anti-microbial, anti-oxidant ingredient, which helps protect and preserve your food.

Maintaining Bio-security
Our multi-stage process of melting and filtering ensures that our bee folk bars address important bio-security issues and help protect Australia’s world-leading beekeeping industry.  There are no issues in using our products in Tasmania, Western Australia, and other Australian states- or anywhere around the world.