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Hive Journal

Our Ingredients

There are four natural ingredients in our beeswax bar blend, raw beeswax, pine resin, coconut oil and jojoba oil which ensure your wraps will have the necessary pliability, clinginess, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. 01. Beeswax It takes well over a million bee visits to flowers to produce the wax needed for each bee folk bar! We are so grateful to bees for their precious gift and that is why we source our wax from local beekeepers who care for their bees, using the highest standards of ethical practice. 02. Pine ResinPine resin is in the ingredient that gives the wraps the tackiness needed to cling to bowls and wrap tight around your fruit and vegetables. The pine resin we use...
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Guide To Re-Purposing Fabrics

Bee folk gives you the choice of ordering one of our DIY fabric kits with a range of sizes and attractive prints in organic cotton or natural hemp. Or simply order one or more of our bars to make your own unique wraps in whatever size and shape you need in your kitchen, using whatever colours and prints best reflect your own individual style. You can go to your favourite fabric shop and see what they have in their remnants box - or any specials that catch your eye. Check out your nearest op-shop for a bargain item that can be repurposed to make a set of beeswax wraps. And if you or any of your friends are into dressmaking,...
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Wrapping Best Practices

Bowls Sealing jars and bowls are simple. Make sure the outside of the bowl is dry. Just stretch your wrap over the top, fold down the sides, press against the sides of the bowl, let the warmth of your hands help it seal and cling to the bowl. Take a bit longer if your bowl is cold or straight out of the fridge. Snack Pouch You can make a basic pouch by folding your wrap in half, turning over and crimping the two sides. Put in your snacks leaving enough space at the top to turn it down and seal your snack in. But you can have a lot of fun experimenting with all types of shapes - triangles, rolls...
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